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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Shayan Amiri is a driven, passionate and charismatic record producer with a unique approach to producing Pop music.

His genre-defying sound blurs the lines between Future Bass, Tropical House, HipHop and EDM: it is all about tight grooves, deep bass and lush melodies that truly make an impression on the audience. Shayan worked with artists as diverse as Lauren Mayhew, AlixB and Jovan Armand, and his distinctive approach to production is punchy, crisp and direct, adding a modern edge to his songs. Shayan started making music at a very early age, and he mastered several instruments by the time he was 11 and at 15 he wrote his first song. There is barely any middle eastern music fan who hasn’t heard at least one of his productions, as he worked with some of the region's’ biggest stars. His music also made an impact on the global music scene, with over 50 songs trending worldwide!

Quite the hard worker, you will always find Shayan in his studio, cooking up some new beat or working on a new exciting project. Inspired by artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Timbaland or Roger Waters, among others, Shayan is a true musical forward-thinker with a lot to say. He loves to keep things catchy and direct, but he is not afraid to experiment with his productions, in order to find the perfect sound in any given scenario or situation. 




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Production, Mixing & Mastering

Recording, Composing, Programming & Arranging

Vocal Recording, Arranging, Editing & Pitch Correction

Mixing & Mastering


Shayan Amiri has the talent, knowledge and experience in the professional audio world to take your musical ideas and turn them into radio-ready masters. - Jonathan Moffett (Drummer for Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael)


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