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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Shayan Amiri is a driven, passionate and charismatic record producer with a unique approach to producing Electronic Music.

Shayan has had the interest of grammy nominated producers such as The Heavy Weights, Chad “C-Note” Roper, Damon Thomas, and also other big industry names such as A-Major, Andy Boy and Unrestricted.

Quite the hard worker, you will always find Shayan in his studio, cooking up some new beat or working on a new exciting project. Inspired by artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Timbaland or Roger Waters, among others, Shayan is a true musical forward-thinker with a lot to say. He loves to keep things catchy and direct, but he is not afraid to experiment with his productions, in order to find the perfect sound in any given scenario or situation. 




- Lyrics & Topline Melody


Production, Mixing & Mastering

- Recording, Composing, Programming & Arranging

- Vocal Recording, Editing & Pitch Correction

- Mixing & Mastering

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