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Shayan Amiri is an Iranian-American songwriter, record producer & mix engineer who has dedicated most of his life to the pursuit of expanding his creative potential and modern music production abilities. Although extremely versatile, he primarily writes & produces in the Pop / Electronic Dance Music genres.

Shayan grew up and began his career in Los Angeles, California where he has become well known for his big-beat sounds that pulse with rhythm, melody, diversity and incredible dimension & depth. With wildly dynamic and vivid sounds comparable to established giants in the pop charts, his sound has created an instant buzz for its flawless production.

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Hi guys! I just released an Ableton Live  project on Splice and now you can stream or download it. The concept behind this project was using samples, plugins and Instruments from the Ableton Live 9 Suite to create, mix and master a basic House track. So if you own Ableton Live 9.6 go and download it and reverse engineer to learn a few tips and tricks in arrangement, mixing and basic mastering. If you don't own Ableton Live you can still download the stems and use them in your production. Enjoy! And all feedback is welcome




Lyrics & Topline Melody


Production, Mixing & Mastering

Recording, Composing, Programming & Arranging

Vocal Recording, Arranging, Editing & Pitch Correction

Mixing & Mastering


Shayan Amiri has the talent, knowledge and experience in the professional audio world to take your musical ideas and turn them into radio-ready masters. - Jonathan Moffett (Drummer for Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael)


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